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Silverman Arts is an organization dedicated to the creation, proliferation and betterment of music, in all of it's different forms and functions. In addition to the production process, Silverman Arts works to enhance personal connections in the music community, improve aspects of the music industry, and also work with and support other mediums and forms art, such as visual art, dance, film and theater.

The Silverman Arts Recording Studio specializes in recording fresh, original talent, and finding ways to bring new light to old styles as well as giving a vintage flair to modern projects. The studio is equipped with an array of vintage keyboards, a mixture of vintage and modern outboard equipment, cutting-edge computer and recording equipment,a plethora of high-end microphones, two isolation booths, a Yamaha upright piano, comfortable lounge seating, and plenty of natural light. Our rates are extremely competitive, and we offer a low-key vibe with a strong passion for music and razor-sharp ears.

Please explore the website to find out more information and feel free to contact us to discuss any project ideas you may have.

Daniel Berg

Founder, Producer/Engineer, Keyboardist

Daniel Berg is a composer, producer and filmmaker. He has been playing the piano since the age of 5. He specializes in electronic music, jazz, latin, r&b, hip-hop and reggae.  

Dima Kay

Head Engineer, Producer, Guitarist

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Joseph Alpern

Engineer, Producer

Joseph is a talented songwriter and Electronic music producer based out of Brooklyn, NY and most known for his Chuffing Buffy deep house explorations as well his plethora of DJ outlets as JGabriel. He has also produced music for the sensational Katya Lee as well as other reputable house and techno artists. He has over 15 years working with both digital and analog studio equipment and instruments.

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