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The Silverman Arts Recording Studio specializes in recording fresh, original talent, and finding ways to bring new light to old styles as well as giving a vintage flair to modern projects. We're very interested to hear about your project and how we might be able to help make it great!

Some features of the space include:

  • An array of vintage keyboards

  • Vintage and modern outboard gear

  • High-end microphones

  • Two isolation booths

  • A pristine Yamaha upright piano

  • Comfortable lounge seating

  • Plenty of natural light! 



Tracking Soloists/Ensembles


Sample Sessions

Sequencing Synths from Midi

Reprinting Stems through Outboard




Photo/Video Shoots

ADR Recording


Podcast Taping


Daniel Berg

Founder, Producer/Engineer, Keyboardist

Daniel Berg, a Philadelphia native, is a composer, producer and filmmaker. He has been playing the piano since the age of 5. His productions specialize in electronic music, jazz, latin, r&b, hip-hop and reggae.  You can find him performing live with the projects Ramos on the Rocks, a 60's jazz-soul band, and Fireberg, an "eclectronic" live-set experience. Dan founded the Silverman Arts studio 5 years ago with the goal of helping musicians realize their art to fullest potential, with as little stress as possible along the way.  

Artist he's worked with include: Safiyah, Black Tortuga, Zozo Afrobeat, Solange Prat, Jonathan Hoard, Benny Oyama, San Simon, Johnny Modelo, K'reema, DJ Bruce, Claire Khodara and Mystafine.

Dima Kay

Head Engineer, Producer, Guitarist

Dima Kay is a producer, engineer, composer & multi-instrumentalist. He
loves capturing live performances with analog gear as well chopping up
beats in Ableton.

Born in Kiev, Ukraine and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Dima grew up in a
home surrounded by eastern european music and ABBA. In his
early-teens, punk rock inspired him to teach himself the guitar and
hiphop inspired him cut up records.

In 2009 Dima founded global soul band Karikatura releasing 2 LP’s
(Ropeadope Records) and 3 EP’s and performing 600+ shows in 23
countries on 4 continents.

Below is a list of artists Dima has worked with as a producer, engineer or musician: Karikatura, Juanita Ca$h, Heavy Trash, The Pandemics, American Sufi Project, Fifth of Bourbon, Dawn Drake, Akil B. Strange, IV4K, The Anthropic, Maati Baani, Escarioka

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